Rely on Truckrite to straighten and restore your truck and trailer chassis’ components

TRUCKRITE truck and trailer repairs have the latest equipment and trained staff to facilitate straightening & restoring all truck and trailer chassis’ components.

Manufacturers are constantly making vehicles lighter and stronger using newer types of steels and alloys. Incorrect repair techniques of these materials can easily compromise the structural integrity of these components and potentially cause them to fail.

Our staff is trained in the latest industry recommended repair techniques so as to always adhere to manufacturer recommended repair procedures.

Our facility is fitted with the very best of equipment including the “JOSAM” collision Repair System, a world leader in heavy vehicle chassis straightening and alignment requirements, ensuring fast, efficient and accurate repairs to all types of trucks and trailers.

Our skilled team work with cabs, trailers and busses and work fast to get you back on the road. Call us now: 03 9558 0200

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