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At TRUCKRITE, we are capable of any mechanical service and are equipped with the latest in diagnostic and repair equipment and techniques to get your vehicle back on the road sooner.

Our fully trained truck servicing staff can accommodate any repair from the smallest diagnostic problem to a major motor or driveline rebuild, as well as replacing your brakes or suspension components.

This is the computer age and all vehicles today require the latest in computerised diagnostic scan tool technology to diagnose and rectify problems quickly and efficiently so as to get you back on the road, making money.

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We have the skilled truck mechanics and equipment in Melbourne to service your wheel alignment requirements and help to keep your vehicle running straight and true. Correct axle and wheel alignment reduces both fuel consumption and tyre wear.

Our promise is to have your engine running smoothly and efficiently and your wheels rolling straight, thereby decreasing your fuel costs and tyre wear and increasing your bottom line.

We provide the highest standard of truck & trailer repairs and also service, install and repair all types of truck refrigeration equipment and coolers.

Truckrite staff takes pride in accomplishing all this with the least amount of down time and at extremely competitive rates! To book your vehicle in with our qualified truck mechanics, call us on (03) 9558 0200 or email!

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Truck Mechanics Melbourne

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We offer a wide range of truck repair services including:

Truck smash repairs | Truck chassis repairs | Truck spray painting | Truck roadside assistance | Truck rentals & replacement vehicles